What Brings You Joy?

The video above is an entry for a challenge from Levi Allen that asked the question: What does making stuff mean to you? Take a look!  

What brings you joy? What makes you happy? What improves your life?

In the past three years, I’ve thought a lot about this question. After we experienced the loss of our son, I started thinking about a whole bunch of things. Things like, how my priorities had been all jumbled up, or what my values were, and what brought joy back into my life and what drained it.

Perhaps it’s just me, it feels like there’s something about having children where it feels like you put your life on hold until your kids get old enough to “do” things again. It feels like there’s a number of years after having children that makes you home-bound and not as able to simply pick-up and go do various things.

Let me give you an example, my wife and I used to love having the ability to just pick up and go. She’d get home from work and we’d spontaneously decide to go camping for the weekend. Or I’d come home from a long shift and we’d go out for a hike into the woods. Then we had kids. Going away for the weekend, especially on a whim, became a planned act. Going on a hike required navigating nap times, where we could get a stroller, asking ourselves the question, “are they going to fall asleep on the way home and be awake all night?”

I used to go to coffee shops for hours and just write. I’d write poems and short stories, lyrics for the songs I was composing, or just sit there and journal my thoughts while sipping on a hot Americano. If I felt inspiration stirring, I could drop whatever I was doing and go write. Now it looks a little different. The problem isn’t necessarily that we had children (though they do contribute to it 🙂 ), but that I’ve stopped making that creative output a priority.

Sure I could make excuses, and I do, but the reality is that the idea of creating things sparks joy for me. It brings me happiness, it improves my mood, it makes my life better. So I’m trying to change that. I’ve started creating videos again, writing more (some of it for this blog), and finding places in my life to make room for creating things once again.

It’s incredible the difference it makes on my mood, my mind, my motivation. So I ask you a similar question, what brings you joy? What have you been ignoring that you need to pay more attention to?

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