Living in the Pause - Family Day Musings

This guy enters into a village where a pair of sisters lived. Mary and Martha notice this guy and his entourage walking around the village so they invite the group into their house. The group gets chatting and Martha disappears into the kitchen to prepare something to eat and drink for the group. A while later, Martha’s still in the kitchen and it’s hard to tell if the smoke coming through the doors is from the food she’s cooking or from her nasty thoughts. Martha walks past the kitchen door and takes a glance at Mary, who is just sitting there with the group, hanging on every word. Pfffttt….that Mary….does she think this food just prepares itself? Look at her! Just sitting there while I have to do all the work preparing for the group! And what does she do? Nothing!After a little while later Martha pops her head into the living room and says to this guy, Jesus - Don’t you care that Mary has abandoned me in the kitchen? Tell her to lend me a hand! Then Jesus says to her - Martha…dear Martha….you’re fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up over nothing. Only one thing is essential, and Mary has chosen it - it’s the main course, and won’t be taken from her (based on Luke 10- 38-42).Most of my life I’ve been a Martha. I’ve been the person in the kitchen preparing food, preparing a bed for my guests, making sure that everything is just perfect, and by the time it’s all ready, I’m far too tired to actually enjoy the presence of my guests.How often do we do this? We make ourselves so busy that we don’t actually enjoy the people right in front of us. We pack our days full with work, hockey, dance, parties, play-dates, soccer, music lessons, school, and so much more. And by the end of the day we’re exhausted and we haven’t even stopped for a moment to think about anything.How often do you ask someone - Hey! How’s it going? - only to hear the response - I’m good man…really busy these days! We wear busyness as a badge of honour today in our society. Being busy has become a status symbol, a symbol of importance.I know for me, I feel more successful and definitely more important when I say I’m busy. That means I’m in demand, that means that people want me, that means that I’m important.This very much has been my life - colour-coded calendars, busy kids, coordinating life with a spouse, work demands, going to the gym, playing different sports, and the list goes on and on.I’m not saying it’s bad to be busy. I’m not saying it’s bad to hustle. However, if we don’t take time to pause, we also don’t take time to reflect. Then we don’t take time to care for ourselves. And if we don’t take time for ourselves, we can’t properly care for others either.If we are going to gain any insights from our life’s experiences, we need to live into the pause. Take time to notice the beauty around us. Take time to notice the pain around us. Take time to simply notice what’s happening around us…and in us.If we are simply being busy to fill a void - we’re doing it wrong. If we’re simply being busy to put up a wall around us - we’re doing it wrong. If we’re simply being busy to avoid what’s actually happening in our life - we’re doing it wrong. I know for me, I’ve done busy simply to avoid feeling, avoid others, avoid filling a void that should be addressed. And it’s not until I live into the pause that I’m really able to address what’s happening.It’s time to start being more like Mary. Noticing that there is something extremely important happening right in front of me, sitting down at the foot of Jesus, and simply taking it all in. Being still, living in the pause, embracing the vulnerability of ourselves, and venturing into those depths.Our ability to be still and lean into the pause is the starting point for our true growth. As parents. As employees/business owners. As human beings. It’s embracing our brokenness and beauty, sitting with the pain and love, and taking the time to simply be.Our ability to be still and lean into the pause is the starting point for our true growth.

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