Family Fun At The Cambridge Idea Exchange Old Post Office

One of my (recently) favourite places to get some work done is one of Cambridge’s hidden gems. It’s one of my favourite spots because I can grab a Monigrams coffee (arguably the best coffee in Cambridge), sit alongside the Grand River and bask in the sunlight shining through the windows of the Idea Exchange Old Post Office. There is tons of seating, so you’re likely to get a spot, and the coffee and food is incredible. I’ve been there many times, but only ever on the main floor.

So with March Break looming, I thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at some of the other things that the Old Post Office offered for the family. The kids and I packed up and set off to see one of the many programs that the Idea Exchange were running during March Break.

In a blink of an eye, we had already been there for three hours, and it was time to rush home to put the little one down for her nap. The kids had an absolute blast playing with the various activities and programs that were being offered that day such as the Bubbleology program, the Sphero robotic balls, making instruments with the Cambridge Conservatory of Music, and much more. Here’s a short video of our time there (and subscribe to our Youtube Channel!): 

The kids loved it so much that we had to come back later in the week to check out some of the other activities on the other floors of the Old Post Office because we ran out of time to properly explore everything the Post Office offers. So if you’re looking for something fun (and free) to do with the kids, you won’t be wasting your time at the Idea Exchange Old Post Office!

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